Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The "Twilight" Days

So if you haven't read the Twilight series - you are missing out. I don't think I got up from this couch for a couple of weeks while I finished these books. I used to complain about my husband's iphone - "You don't need friends with that iphone, you could just create them". (It is very frustrating - and I sort of know what he was going through when I first got a blackberry and never let it leave my side - but that was years ago). Ever since Edward Cullen entered my life - I really haven't had much room to complain. Ladies- you won't be disappointed (unless you're Sharon and "just don't get the hype").


Ebes said...

I am obsessed with the books! I finished them all in like 1 week. I would catch myself reading them for several hours while I was up feeding P in the middle of the night. Edward Cullen will forever be my secret lover :) Did you see the movie yet??

Anonymous said...

Two of my nieces have read every book and are CRAZY about Edward. The 13 year old is always on the fan websites and her Dad even slept out overnight with her in line for braclets that included the first delivery of The Host and meeting the author.

...and yes, I've seen the movie (it was the 2nd time for my nieces).