Monday, February 23, 2009

Your first chance to see Baby Boomerang in 4D

So, Ron and I made a deal when we started this blog. He would upload the pictures, and I would write about them. So far, so good. However, I must say, had I been in charge of uploading the pics, I think I would have left the "girl" picture out below. No one needs to see that! But unfortunately, I don't know how to take it off! Oh well, my mother now has real proof Baby Boom is a girl!
That's our sweet baby girl's face next to my "wall" (I'll leave the descriptions out, since there are plenty of men who read this and I don't want to gross them out. Though I probably just did). She was very cooperative for the video - I think she's a natural. She didn't open her eyes to wink at us, but did "smile" a few times. The doc says she has "full" lips, like her mom. But gauging from this picture, I think she also has a big nose, like her dad too! It's really tough not to want her to come join us RIGHT NOW!
And no - we still haven't picked out a name. We were hoping this picture would help out a little, but man oh man, girl names are hard!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

BAYLOR All University Sing

So how much fun can you have watching 18 incredible Baylor SING acts?!?! It was awesome! My own sorority (Tri Delt) did so great - making us all proud. But an even better surprise was how incredible the Phi Chi act was!!! Below is my brother Garrett, one of the SING chairs. Then -the 5 guys below are the whole group of SING chairs. Great job guys!!! Next weekend is the final SING weekend and Saturday night is results night. Can't wait to hear (and update the blog) as to who made Pigskin and who placed!!! Go Phi Chi!!!!

Corpus Christi Road Trip

What a fun family weekend!! Ron and I flew down to Corpus to visit my dad, Sabrina, Grandmother and Grandaddy Lewis, and Doug and Diane!!! We drove grandaddy's new car w/ Ron's favorite - red leather interior! We played washers outside by the pool, and on a chilly day, went to the Texas State Aquarium.....such a great time to see family and hang out!!! (That's Moose in the picture, 1 of 6 dogs there for the weekend. He's named after Darryl Johnston, #48).

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh What A Night!!!

We finally started painting Baby Boom's Room!! Inspired by our wedding photos in Hawaii, she has "green grass below" and bright "blue water and sky" above. Well, so it's really just turquoise and lime green, but we love it. The painting was completed by non other than Yaya, Dew Dad, and off course, Ron! The room is far from finished, as we still have the "dots" and flowers to add - but it's a start! AND the crib is up. So fun. We'll post more pics as we get closer to completion.

Brunch at Blue Mesa

What a fun day!!! I got to see some of my girls who I haven't seen in what feels like forever. Starting on the left (fushia shirt) and working my way around, Nicole, Jaime, Erin, Erin (aka Ebes), Tiff, Natalie and Julia. We had such a wonderful time and everyone is doing so great! I LOVE you all!