Monday, January 19, 2009

Is it possible to already be a BAD mom???

So, for those of you who think I have the sweetest husband in the whole world (besides your own, of course), please read the following to disspell any of those rumors.

So this morning, It's MLK day, and I technically have the day off. But I need to go into the office for a little while to get some things taken care of. As I leisurely get ready for work, I notice Ron taking a Bag of dry Rice upstairs. (See picture here). I say to him "Ron - surely you are not going to feed the dog dry rice are you?". "No" he answered and said he'd be right back. I didn't think anything of it and continued getting my bag ready for work.

A few minutes later he comes down the stairs and hands me the bag of rice DRESSED in my little girl's onesie!! (See picture here). He hands it to me saying that I need to get some Practice!!! And then he laughs the whole way to walk me to my car thinking he is just so funny. I was NOT amused.

I go to work, run a LONG list of Honey-Do's (aren't these HIS responsibility?!?!)....and come home with full loads of groceries, laundry, etc. I walk into the kitchen and behold - there on the counter is the onesie-turned-dry-rice-sack with a sweet note on it. (See picture here). In case you can't read the picture clearly enough it says:

"MOM - You Left Me :( Baby B."

Thanks sweetie. I feel like a winner.

Meet Our Little Brother Isaiah

Here is a pic (or a few) of our little brother Isaiah (through Big Brothers Big Sisters). He is 9 and in the 4th grade this year. We took some time out last weekend to go to Putt Putt and play a few games. Isaiah hit a hole in one!!! We had a blast. We have been successfully matched with Isaiah now for over a year and it is sooo much fun!!! If you are interested in BBBS or any kind of community involvement, but don't know how to get started, just let us know - we would love to help you out!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Baby Boomerang is a...........................

GIRL. Please see the Christmas card we sent out to show my initial impression. :)

It's funny - we had the boy name picked out, the nursery theme picked out, the colors and clothes all picked out. Our entire baby's closet is full of boy clothes and boy toys. Hmph. Well - starting from scratch. We had exactly ZERO girl names picked out. Since the first weekend in September, we have been planning on a boy - so this will be so much fun! YaYa was there to see the ultrasound and left 2 seconds after she found out it was a girl - she left saying "I gotta go buy some pink!".....How fun! and Totally overwhelming. I don't even know where to begin with a girl. Any advice - start posting it now!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Teefa / Mom Bday Celebration

So here we celebrated my mom's birthday and my birthday together. Please note - she got earmuff's for the Cowtown race. She likes to try everything she gets on immediately.

And my so fun brother Garrett and sister from another mother, April helped us celebrate. They kept it lively for us all.

Our joint cake that Granny made - chocolate cake with chocolate chips baked in it with chocolate icing. body cooks better than granny faye.

Just some of the Christmas food we had left over from that morning - plus the bday cake. What was that my doctor said about no sweets (oops).

And YaYa - yet again - trying on her birthday gifts. What a great YaYa she will be to Boom!

Babyboomerang - The Early Days

Can anyone tell that we are finally trying to post pics for people to see - and they seem a little out of order. Well - give me a little break - I have no idea what I am doing on these things. Ron insisted that we put up the early pics of being prego. Now - I wasn't much fun to be around - hence the mean face when he was trying to take my picture. I have matured into a much nicer woman (ahem), I promise.

This was in San Diego the weekend after we found out. I just laid out every day (oh - and there was that mess about all the casino's in that area - but let's not talk about that).

My Cyclist

So Mary Lynn (Ron's mom) and I escorted Ron up to Childress, TX recently. There was a 60 mile bike ride (as using the excuse - I'm pregnant - thankfully kept me from having to ride in it). For Christmas - Ron got a new bike - so stay tuned to see some new pics on that!

Cold Days

So we have been trying to walk every morning - getting ready for the Cowtown Half Marathon. Week days have us between 2 and 4 miles and Saturdays - well we are up to 9 miles on Saturday. But - lately its been a little chilly. This particular morning it was about 26 degrees outside at 5am. Not fun. The only part of my skin showing was my eyes - and they watered the whole way as the wind was blowing in them. The next morning - we slept in.

The "Twilight" Days

So if you haven't read the Twilight series - you are missing out. I don't think I got up from this couch for a couple of weeks while I finished these books. I used to complain about my husband's iphone - "You don't need friends with that iphone, you could just create them". (It is very frustrating - and I sort of know what he was going through when I first got a blackberry and never let it leave my side - but that was years ago). Ever since Edward Cullen entered my life - I really haven't had much room to complain. Ladies- you won't be disappointed (unless you're Sharon and "just don't get the hype").

Valentines Came Early

Just a funny thing happened a couple of nights ago....Valentine's day came early - thanks to a couple of local kids with nothing better to do. They spray painted every single one of our garage doors w/ stenciled hearts. We weren't the only Downtown location to get hit - a few others did as well (per the gang abatement team). Kind of funny - but if I ever catch Baby Boomerang doing something like that - watch out! Mad Mom will come out!

As the Belly Grows

Ok - so this if for my friend Jaime - who was very upset I didn't have a prego picture on the blog. Here I am at 20 weeks. Ugh...why do I FEEL so much larger than I look? Maybe it's the way Ron took the pic. By the way - Ralph couldn't help not getting in the picture. He is going to be a very jealous little one when Boom gets here.

Santa Ron

So A couple of weeks ago - Ron decided to surprise the IT team at Pier 1 for their annual Christmas gift exchange at Joe T's in Fort Worth. He dressed up as Santa to hand out their gifts.....Friends - he does this for FREE and NO LINES at the mall - if you want pics with your little ones for next year, be sure to sign up.....Baby Boomerang is going to have such a fun dad!!


So I forgot to mention a part about of our friends - Mitchell - met us for lunch the day we got there. We went to the touristy ESPN Zone, which suprisingly had very good food. The only thing that could have made it better is if the Cowboys were playing AND BEATING the Giants at that very moment....But the food was good, the company even better - and being a New Jersian - he was very offended I didn't mention him the first time around. Mitchell - your 15 minutes of fame!!! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas and Birthday in New York

Fun times in NYC!! We took Baby Boomerang for his first trip to New York this Christmas - just the 2 1/2 of us! At 20 weeks now - s/he is the size of a canteloupe.....mmmm. Yuck. Anyways - Christmas morning, Ron and I wandered out to see the BIG tree - and there were very few people out at 8am!! So we had it mostly to ourselves. We were even able to find a web cam at Rockafeller Center so that my parents could log on and see us Christmas morning.

Then we walked through Central Park - ice and all - and found a checkers/chess area that had tables we sat down at to open presents....

As the city that never sleeps, that night we went walking through midtown - and found the most GLORIOUS thing ever....CHARMIN BATHROOMS....For real. Charmin "sponsored" this massive area in Times Square - they had over 20 single bathrooms located inside a building that was somewhat like a toyland area with slides, etc., but most importantly - they had bathrooms! You waited in line, and after each person do you say...Came out - They had someone on hand to go in a CLEAN each toilet area. Here is the one I used - Bathroom Number was heaven to a pregnant lady who has to (excuse me guys) pee every hour on the hour.

We also had the pleasure of walking the Brooklyn bridge - something that neither of us has ever done before. In case you are wondering - the bridge is only about 1.25 miles long - not bad at all, unless is happens to be pouring down rain (and I mean pouring) and its 34 degrees outside AND you don't have an umbrella!

Finally we made it to Brooklyn and treated ourselves to the best pizza in New York - Grimaldi's. Well worth the trek in the snow and ice to get there - and made for some hilarious memories not caught on film - such as the cars next to the bridge here. When one of them passed - it splashed water up on to where I was standing and SOAKED me. Did Ron come to my rescue - nope - he just laughed. Niice. That's okay - he got his when we walked under the bridge - and amazingly - at that very moment - a car passed and splashed water on top of his head. What a great day.

Finally - we spent my Birthday shopping, shopping, and well shopping. Ron had planned an elaborate day for me - starting with breakfast at Sarabeth's - my fave. Then we walked down 5th avenue to Tiffany's - where he had a special "viewing room" set up for me and the ladies there had set out my gift (Ron had already bought it in Dallas - but we got to pick it up in NYC) on the table with two glasses of champagne (they didn't get the memo about Boomerang). It was such an amazing day so far - and I loved my bracelet he bought for me!

And then - he topped it off with a fabulous dinner at CraftSteak in Chelsea. The only night I actually wore heels in the cold weather - thank the good Lawd for Taxis! It was the best 30th birthday I could have imagined!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with you families and friends. Peace and Joy to you for 2009!!!