Friday, May 15, 2009

Presley Grace Cason - May 11, 2009

This is our bundle of joy! She weighed 7lbs 7ounces 19 inches long born at 11:54pm May 11th 2009

Friday, March 20, 2009

And Baby Boomerang's name is.....

Presley Grace Cason!!!
(yes, after Elvis, and no, not after Graceland. Grace because we truly think she is a gift from God. But we'll take which ever story sounds better!!!).....

And here is a sneak peak at her room....

This picture show the crib and changing table, with the pink shag round rug and chocolate glider. There are pink wall dots coming out of her crib and lime green and fushia flowers on the side wall. The flowers actually weave all around the room.

This is baby Presley's bathroom. It kind of looks like the toliet threw up bright colored dots everywhere...but I LOVE it.....And I think it will make bathtime and potty time fun!

And Ron needed to show his hard work on the closet. We have all of our closets outfitted with Elfa shelving (no plug intended, but seriously - this is the best stuff ever. We have converted every closet at least a couple of times and it is so easy).

And finally, a close up of the round hot pink shag rug that covers the room. It was the final and perfect addition. We had this made and the company in Dallas was excellent at getting it just right for us!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Shower from my girlies....

How much fun is it to see so many of your girlfriends (even the out-of-towners!!!) all in one place?!?! Just get prego and they will come! Ha! I've decided in order for us to see each other more frequently, I am going to put a SPREADSHEET together of who is getting pregnant next and when their baby needs to be due. I do expect everyone to follow! This will ensure many bestie visits for the next 5-7 years. (Thanks to Nicole and Erin B for going ahead and starting this without my prodding).

Notice Ebes in the background THANKFULLY writing down each were wonderful!!!

Bestie's!!! What would I do without you all! From left to right in a circle....Ebes, Melfa, gilDOS, James, Juleth, Erin Erin, Fontana aka my Big, and mrs Nicole Pitts (Fields, of course).

The funniest 3 ladies ever?!?! Of course my mom, and then Margaret and Carol as well.......Baby Boomerang got seranaded by Mrs fun!!! Boom loved it! I think they are having too much fun - do we need to separate the three of you?!?!

Jules - you are so considerate for having the pizza rolls at the shower! I'll never be able to live these down - that's for sure! And I'm with you - after my shower and Ebes bday - we'd better lay off these for another year!

All the lovelies!!! The hostesses! From Left to Right Front Row: Carol, Margaret, Julia, Jaime, Shannon. Back Row: Erin B., Melissa, Jennie, Tiff, Natalie, Erin W., and Sharon. LOVE YOU ALL!

Margaret FORCING me to hold this really heavy baby dollish looking thing. It's neck kept falling back (supposed to be "real"). It was very scary and I think I will have nightmares. Anyone else think it had freakishly blond chunky hair??!!??!!

Yes - I know this is super tempting to everyone....but this was I think the best cake I've ever had. If you look closely - (or even if you don't) - this is actually pattern exactly like Baby Boomerang's bedding!!! (And just so you don't think I'm a mean mom for not having any "pink" in my little girl's bedding - the inside of this cake is strawberry - very bright pink - just like her wall dots and flowers in her room!!)...and the hot pink circle shag rug....

Roller Derby 80's style - Happy Dirty 30 Ebes!!

So here are the pics from Ebes Fabulous 80's Roller Skating party!!! Mel, Jaime, Ebes and Ardi above.....

This is Erin in the center of the entire rink (with kids of all ages- 6 to 35+) circling her, doing the hokey pokey (and I will say, the younger ones were a BIT more experienced).....

Mr. Trey Worley....I had a great video of him totally wiping out - not sure if it will load or not, but I'm going to try....However - in his defense, he was the only over 18 year old to do a "trick" - in that he squatted down on his skates and actually made it from one end of the rink to the other...Go Trey! (Jaime and Trey win the "best on skates" couple)....

Ron - dressed in his 1980's vest - that literally played music. His Granny gave it to him when he was in 3rd grade, and yes, he kept it. Now - it's virtually a fun! And Teef - no skates for prego teef, but she at least hung with the crowd until 10pm - a new record!

Sweet Nat-a-peep and Juleth! Jerry wins the prize for staying home with baby Ryan so Jules could rock it in her pink bridesmaid dress for the 80's party! (And just to make it more entertaining....the bridesmaid dress was from Ebes wedding!!!) cute!

Andy!!!! One of the better skaters in the crowd...and just in case you can't read his shirt's a picture from the blond guy in karate kid with the comment "Sweep the Leg". Classic!!!

Ebes rockin' out in all her glory!!! The shades and earrings are my favorite. Should I tell everyone that the funniest part about her outfit - was that it was mostly bought entirely recently (like within the last couple of months)....versus 20+ years ago. Does that mean the 80s are back in full force? Truffle Shuffle anyone?!?!

And Jamestown......who had the cutest Madonna-does-Material-Girl black tutu on, with her white leg warmers and hand-warmers. No worries - her shirt was cut professionally, but 1980's herself - Mrs. Jaime Worley!!!

Rosie 55

Aunt Rosie turns 55!!! We had a wonderful evening at Gloria's....and Rosie started the tradition of Cards Only (aka, no gifts)! We love the idea! So - Ron - in his creative way - MADE Rosie's card....we hope she has it up at the office!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Your first chance to see Baby Boomerang in 4D

So, Ron and I made a deal when we started this blog. He would upload the pictures, and I would write about them. So far, so good. However, I must say, had I been in charge of uploading the pics, I think I would have left the "girl" picture out below. No one needs to see that! But unfortunately, I don't know how to take it off! Oh well, my mother now has real proof Baby Boom is a girl!
That's our sweet baby girl's face next to my "wall" (I'll leave the descriptions out, since there are plenty of men who read this and I don't want to gross them out. Though I probably just did). She was very cooperative for the video - I think she's a natural. She didn't open her eyes to wink at us, but did "smile" a few times. The doc says she has "full" lips, like her mom. But gauging from this picture, I think she also has a big nose, like her dad too! It's really tough not to want her to come join us RIGHT NOW!
And no - we still haven't picked out a name. We were hoping this picture would help out a little, but man oh man, girl names are hard!!!