Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Shower from my girlies....

How much fun is it to see so many of your girlfriends (even the out-of-towners!!!) all in one place?!?! Just get prego and they will come! Ha! I've decided in order for us to see each other more frequently, I am going to put a SPREADSHEET together of who is getting pregnant next and when their baby needs to be due. I do expect everyone to follow! This will ensure many bestie visits for the next 5-7 years. (Thanks to Nicole and Erin B for going ahead and starting this without my prodding).

Notice Ebes in the background THANKFULLY writing down each were wonderful!!!

Bestie's!!! What would I do without you all! From left to right in a circle....Ebes, Melfa, gilDOS, James, Juleth, Erin Erin, Fontana aka my Big, and mrs Nicole Pitts (Fields, of course).

The funniest 3 ladies ever?!?! Of course my mom, and then Margaret and Carol as well.......Baby Boomerang got seranaded by Mrs fun!!! Boom loved it! I think they are having too much fun - do we need to separate the three of you?!?!

Jules - you are so considerate for having the pizza rolls at the shower! I'll never be able to live these down - that's for sure! And I'm with you - after my shower and Ebes bday - we'd better lay off these for another year!

All the lovelies!!! The hostesses! From Left to Right Front Row: Carol, Margaret, Julia, Jaime, Shannon. Back Row: Erin B., Melissa, Jennie, Tiff, Natalie, Erin W., and Sharon. LOVE YOU ALL!

Margaret FORCING me to hold this really heavy baby dollish looking thing. It's neck kept falling back (supposed to be "real"). It was very scary and I think I will have nightmares. Anyone else think it had freakishly blond chunky hair??!!??!!

Yes - I know this is super tempting to everyone....but this was I think the best cake I've ever had. If you look closely - (or even if you don't) - this is actually pattern exactly like Baby Boomerang's bedding!!! (And just so you don't think I'm a mean mom for not having any "pink" in my little girl's bedding - the inside of this cake is strawberry - very bright pink - just like her wall dots and flowers in her room!!)...and the hot pink circle shag rug....

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Sally said...

WOW - how awesome does that cake look??? So sad that i had to miss your shower...and that yummy cake. :)