Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas and Birthday in New York

Fun times in NYC!! We took Baby Boomerang for his first trip to New York this Christmas - just the 2 1/2 of us! At 20 weeks now - s/he is the size of a canteloupe.....mmmm. Yuck. Anyways - Christmas morning, Ron and I wandered out to see the BIG tree - and there were very few people out at 8am!! So we had it mostly to ourselves. We were even able to find a web cam at Rockafeller Center so that my parents could log on and see us Christmas morning.

Then we walked through Central Park - ice and all - and found a checkers/chess area that had tables we sat down at to open presents....

As the city that never sleeps, that night we went walking through midtown - and found the most GLORIOUS thing ever....CHARMIN BATHROOMS....For real. Charmin "sponsored" this massive area in Times Square - they had over 20 single bathrooms located inside a building that was somewhat like a toyland area with slides, etc., but most importantly - they had bathrooms! You waited in line, and after each person do you say...Came out - They had someone on hand to go in a CLEAN each toilet area. Here is the one I used - Bathroom Number was heaven to a pregnant lady who has to (excuse me guys) pee every hour on the hour.

We also had the pleasure of walking the Brooklyn bridge - something that neither of us has ever done before. In case you are wondering - the bridge is only about 1.25 miles long - not bad at all, unless is happens to be pouring down rain (and I mean pouring) and its 34 degrees outside AND you don't have an umbrella!

Finally we made it to Brooklyn and treated ourselves to the best pizza in New York - Grimaldi's. Well worth the trek in the snow and ice to get there - and made for some hilarious memories not caught on film - such as the cars next to the bridge here. When one of them passed - it splashed water up on to where I was standing and SOAKED me. Did Ron come to my rescue - nope - he just laughed. Niice. That's okay - he got his when we walked under the bridge - and amazingly - at that very moment - a car passed and splashed water on top of his head. What a great day.

Finally - we spent my Birthday shopping, shopping, and well shopping. Ron had planned an elaborate day for me - starting with breakfast at Sarabeth's - my fave. Then we walked down 5th avenue to Tiffany's - where he had a special "viewing room" set up for me and the ladies there had set out my gift (Ron had already bought it in Dallas - but we got to pick it up in NYC) on the table with two glasses of champagne (they didn't get the memo about Boomerang). It was such an amazing day so far - and I loved my bracelet he bought for me!

And then - he topped it off with a fabulous dinner at CraftSteak in Chelsea. The only night I actually wore heels in the cold weather - thank the good Lawd for Taxis! It was the best 30th birthday I could have imagined!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with you families and friends. Peace and Joy to you for 2009!!!


Ebes said... look AMAZING! So happy ya'll had fun and got to get away!!!

Tara James said...

Love love love all the pics! You're still looking hot! 30 ain't no big thang. (= SOOOO when are you finding out whether we need to be buying pink or blue?!?!? Isn't it this week? I'm secretly praying for a little boy, so my George (still don't have a name chosen) will have a super fun playmate! But girls rock too (though I'm a little biased). Love ya girl.

Melissa Darby said...

Yall are SO cute! Teef, you look beautiful! Happy 30th!! It looks like you cooked it up in true fashion. I can't wait to hear the official word on BB. And yeah for a new blog to stalk! Love you!

Jennie said...

You are one hot 30-year old soon to be momma! It looks like you guys had a great time! What a sweet hubby you have. We are anxiously awaiting tomorrows news!!!